Call 0800/0808 numbers FREE from your mobile.

Don't pay 20p/min to call 0800 freephone number from your Mobiles, use your free minutes instead!

Simple step to use your mobile phone free minutes to call free phone number.
  1. Dial 01635 774 500 and wait for a prompt from our system.

  2. Press your phone keypad 0800/0500/0808xxxxxx# (end dialling with #) and wait to be connected.
Do not press the Green 'Call Button' twice.
If you hear a message saying call to 0800 number is not free from mobile, it is likely that you have press the Call Button for the second time which now sends the 0800 call via the mobile network.

Your mobile phone operators only see the call to the 01635 774 500 number (and call to 01,02,03 numbers i.e. landline numbers normally come out of your free minutes), not the call to 0800 numbers as they will go through our system. So, you can simply call free fone numbers using your free minutes!

You can also use 0370 437 0500 as an alternative to 01635 774 500 if you find 03 numbers easier to remember.

Please note that if you don't have free minutes (such as prepaid phone), you will be charged the same rate as calling any other landline (01, 02, 03) numbers.